Benz_and_Daimler_cabs3Taximeters have evolved over the years from those in ancient Rome functioning from Axle-release-balls mechanism to the present day Global Positioning System – equipped Data Terminals and the works.
Sir_Wilhelm Bruhn
The father of the modern taximeters – Sir. Wilhelm Bruhn, who invented the taximeters in the year 1891 to be installed on the Diamler Victoria taxicab, has long been remembered for his contribution. The taximeters have since then, have chronically sustained their roots and evolved into the present day gizmo wonders.
jones_taximeterMechanical taximeters were inconvenient and were mounted outside of the cab. The modern day taximeters that kicked off in the year 1897 commenced the in-cab installation trend. The present day electronic taximeters installed on the dashboard to the Rear view mirror, gurantee no more stretching, no more ticking-sounds and no more accuracy issues. The taximeters today have evolved through the consistent fire of innovation.
sts_taximeterElectronic Meters introduced in India for Autorikshwas and taxis, continue to improve the state of the paid commutation experience for the Indian commuters. We Smart Technology Systems begining with Electronic Auto Fare Meters for autorikhwas in the year of 2004, enjoys the good amount of market share in India.