Tracking Devices

Smart Technology Systems offers a wide range of product using Latest technology of the GSM/GPRS modules and industry standards GPS receivers. XTracker is product of Smart technology for you to track your assets.

XTracker equipped with the GSM/GPRS and GPS module for vehicle navigation applications. The small size and low profile facilitate convenient integration use of the XTracker device. GSM/GPRS Module features extremely low power consumption, extended temperature range and compact profile.

XTracker industry segments


Taxi or Cab tracking with complete Taxi dispatch solution
Truck , Passenger vehicles
Any kind of Mobile asset tracking
Machine monitoring and Tracking
Call-centre vehicle tracking and advance information as per Geo-fence.
School –buses and government organizations

Main Features:

Programmable message interval rate:
Default (10 seconds)
2 programmable buttons for voice calls, panic or custom definition
2 LED indicators for GSM, GPS, POWER
RS232 port for interface with accessories
2 Analog inputs
1 Digital outputs
Built in Audio Amplifier that can connect to external 8 ohm 85 dB/Watt/Meter speaker.
Microphone input
Li-Ion Battery internal backup.
Advanced GSM / GPRS (TCP/IP) communication
Built In – GSM and GPS antenna with high performance.
Multi-channel GPS receiver
Real-time location to web-based server
Serial interface any external unit like Taximeter , RFID.
Easy device configuration through SMS
Tracking through SMS if no GPRS

XTracker Technology :
GSM/GPRS Module features:
GSM/GPRS module is an ultra compact and reliable wireless module. This is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS module in a SMT type and designed with a very powerful single-chip processor integrating AMR926EJ-S core, allowing you to benefit from small dimensions and cost-effective solutions.
General features
Quad-Band 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
GPRS multi-slot class 10/8 , GPRS mobile station class B
Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
– Class 4 (2 W @850/ 900 MHz)
– Class 1 (1 W @ 1800/1900MHz)
Control via AT commands (GSM 07.07 ,07.05 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands)
SIM application toolkit
Supply voltage range : 3.2 … 4.8V
Low power consumption: 1.0mA(sleep mode)
Operation temperature: -40 °C to +85°C
GPRS class 10: max. 85.6 kbps (downlink)
Point-to-point MO and MT
SMS cell broadcast
Text and PDU mode
Embedded TCP/UDP protocol and FTP /HTTP support

GPS Module features:
50-channel u-blox 5 engine with over 1 million effective correlates
<10 second Time To First Fix for Hot and Aided Starts -160dBm SuperSense® acquisition and tracking sensitivity Accelerated startup at weak signals for modules with KickStart feature Supports AssistNow Online and Assist Now Offline A-GPS services; OMA SUPL compliant High immunity to jamming 4 Hz position update rate Miniature 16.0 x 12.2mm package UART, USB, DDC and SPI interfaces 1.8V supply voltage for low power consumption (NEO-D / NEO-5G) RoHS compliant Service
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